What Is Free Writing?

Simply put, free-writing is when you write freely and without hesitation, making thoughts tangible in the process.

It can be on a pad of paper, a notebook, a typewriter, a computer or whatever other device you have.

It's a practice that happens to have many, many wonderful benefits.

Don't believe us? Let researchers on the topic tell you the benefits.

It Fosters Your Psychological Growth

In a paper on free-writing published by professor Alice G. Brand at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, free-writing:

...seems to proceed hand in hand with psychological growth, to reflect and enhance it, to deepen and extend it, and often to quicken the process.

It Helps You Think Critically

A collaborative international research project between researchers in universities in Malaysia and Bangladesh concluded that free-writing was:

...an effective tool to help think critically, stimulate ideas and build confidence in writing.

It Gives You More Good Ideas and Prevents You From Censoring Good Ideas With Self-Doubt

Peter Elbow, a professor at MIT and one of the major figureheads in the early free-writing movement, claimed that, among other benefits, free-writing:

...increases the flow of ideas and reduces the chance that you’ll accidentally censor a good idea.

It Helps You Improve Fluency and Decrease Anxiety In a Second Language

In a research paper published by Jeongyeon Park, professor at Busan University of Foreign Studies, 30 students that were asked to perform free-writing exercises remarkably all improved fluency in English. After completion, they largely stated that free-writing also:

...improved their confidence, lessened their fear of evaluation, and deepened their thinking skills

It Enhances Understanding and Self-Confidence in Academic Writing

Research from Linda Y. Li of the University of Canberra resulted in her concluding that, when fully utilized, free-writing is a useful tool for students to:

...be empowered to think through problems, make discoveries, gain insights, and express themselves with confidence

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