Write Honey.

Free-writing for everyone, for free, forever.

We made free-writing easy for you.

Write Honey is an application that helps you build a free-writing habit.

Whether you're brain-dumping 750 words a day or you need a push writing your novel, we've got you covered.

It's free. It's private. It's secure.

You'll always have access to anything you've ever written.

And when you want to stop using it, you can download everything you've written and delete your account, no questions asked.

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Free-writing is kind of a big deal for humanity.

Our guiding light is our firm belief that every person on this planet should have access to free-writing and benefits associated with it.

And in case you weren't aware, there are loads of benefits to free-writing. It's worth making a habit out of it if you ask us!

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Your privacy is a very, very serious matter.

Write Honey is built to make sure the only eyes on what you've written are yours.

Unlike other free-writing services, we find sharing your data with third parties morally reprehensible, creepy and just flat out incorrect.

🇩🇪 To keep things extra secure, our servers are based in Germany, which has some of the stricted data privacy laws in the world.

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We're just happy to be noticed.

It's a tremendous honor to be recommended by top universities and organizations around the world.

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