Hello, World!

I'm not sure if I'm doing this because it's a good practice for any blogger or because I'm just so darn enthusiastic, but I'm proud to formally announce the existence of the Write Honey writing blog, which I've named Write Free.

Write Free or Die

The name of the blog comes from the main benefits that I currently associate with free writing, which is liberation from stirring thoughts and concerns. There have been many times in my own experience that I've felt overwhelmed with what I had to do, and sometihng as simple as journaling helped me feel more prepared to and confident in taking on my challenges.

Setting Expectations

This blog will exist to serve as a resource for understanding the benefits of free writing better, and to then provide you the resources for free writing without a hitch! The obvious first step would be to check out the product that this blog supports at https://writehoney.com/

I look forward to serving you all with only the highest quality content, because I want you to gain the same amazing benefits of free writing that I've gained since I started taking up this habit.

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Free-writing, for free, forever. That's what Write Honey is all about.